Who is Bruno Mars girlfriend 2014

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Popular pop singer is becoming a legend and his biggest support comes from his girlfriend.

This girl is hot!

When Bruno Mars became nationwide popular, every girl wanted to know if he is dating someone. They came to an answer that he is in a relationship with pretty hot Jessica Caban. Bruno Mars girlfriend 2014 is a model and has the beauty and the body to kill for. Namely, Jessica has Latin roots, but was born and raised in America. She was a winner of Model Latina, the prestigious beauty competition. Women are certainly very jealous on her, as her man is the famous and attractive singer from Honolulu. Nevertheless, the couple looks pretty fine together and as it appears they will last for long. Although there was certain rumors recently that their relationship is on the verge of breaking. Is this true or false?


The rumors about Bruno Mars girlfriend 2014 started when he was receiving prestigious award which he devoted to his mother instead of his girlfriend. Everybody saw the expression Jessica made during that situation, so the rumor started about possible complications. However, this is all is just a rumor and nothing else.

Happy couple

The role of Bruno Mars girlfriend 2014 seems to remain in the hands of Jessica Caban. Looks to me that these birds are very happy together and they won’t be moving anywhere. In February, Bruno is going on a world tour and we will see if Jessica will follow him everywhere.