Who is Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013

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Who is Bruno Mars girlfriend Girlfriend
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Some as asking who is Bruno Mars with while some other celebrities are dealing with break ups and their careers getting in trouble, some people are having as much fun as they can possibly get with their new partners. Yes, I’m talking about the new Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013, Jessica Caban, the lucky lady who gets to share every minute of her life with her new partner and popular singer. So now you knwo who is his girlfriend, but lets talk a little more about them. It’s nice seeing them so happy together, especially with all of the problems that had been happening with a lot of other celebrity couples. But what makes them stand out of the crowd and be the fun loving couple that they are?

Dealing with fans

As we all know every possible famous person has his own fan base. The people that he will have as fans depend on the celebrity in question, what he does for a living, how he treats his fans,who is Bruno Mars with currently and how he acts live and in public. He had found this out at an early stage in his career and learned how to control the things that he will show his fan base or, to say it in much more detail, what he can tell them and what they don’t need to know which is he using also when dealing with Bruno Mars girlfriend. This helped him and his girlfriend a lot because they learned how to get their life back on track and made their relationship much simpler and more fun.

Bruno Mars girlfriend or just a rumour?

Keeping it private

Like i said before, in order for both Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 and Bruno to keep their relationship in check he needs to know what is good for the public to know and what isn’t. But keeping everything that you do in your free time private can be insanely difficult if you don’t know what to do and how to do it.  You have to watch out for such things as the paparazzi, the popular media spreading lies and false rumors about you, as well as fans and people threatening you and your career. So all of this about Bruno Mars girlfriend can lead to a simple conclusion – the secret to success and how they can keep their life in check.

Stay on your toes!

This all leads to the simple conclusion that had been said and done for decades and will still be usefull to know wherever and whenever you find yourself in a dangerous or just uncomfortable situation – stay on your toes at all times and do your best to see when someone wants to do you some harm or if someone just wants to be good to you. This is also very important to know and use to your advantage when dealing with fans when you’re a celebrity. A celebrity’s life is hard but it’s manageable if you know what you’re doing.