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If you had payed attention to the currently most popular news articles you’ll see a lot of things like – what’s new with Bruno Mars and girlfriend? What are Fernando Alonso and Dasha Kapustina doing in their spare time? What is Taylor Lautner doing with Kristen Stewart, is she his girlfriend? As you can see all of these news pieces and articles have something similar – they’re all about celebrity relationships, boyfriends, girlfriend, husbands…! Having said that it’s not such a bad idea to have it because we ca really find out more about the famous people that we admire. But how did they get all of that information anyway?

It’s the Paparazzi that find Bruno Mars girlfriend pictures

One of the main reasons why we get to see a lot of news about Bruno Mars and girlfriend is because of people like the paparazzi that get all of the information for us. Even though a lot of people, especially the celebrities, don’t like them very much you can’t deny that we couldn’t had gotten as much information about all of this as we had wanted. It’s their job to report that kind of news and use everything in their power to make sure that the news that they get is both good and accurate. But that’s not the only way how we can get all of the information about Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 that we need.

A lot of interviews!

Interviews are one of the older and best ways of getting this kind of information. When famous people get called out live for a conversation about their private and professional lives it often ends up to be a great experience for both sides, the popular and the not so popular one. The only down side is that you won’t get the chance to find out and look up as much information as you would like. However, a lot more people, celebrities and non famous ones, like interviews much more than dealing with the paparazzi. It’s a lot more tolerable and there  aren’t usually much problems with that.

Ask them yourself!

Girlfriend from Bruno Mars

This might be the hardest thing to do but it’s still the best option. The best way of which you could find out something about a certain person is if you ask them yourself – either on the web or in person. This is hard because not a lot of celebrities and famous people alike have time to answer to every question that you ask them and don’t want to bother with such things. But it’s highly dependent on the person that you want to find out more about or to get some information about. The media uses all of these ways to find this information – for instance, how do you think they got all of the pics and info about Bruno Mars?